20 May

There is a long list of well-known and prominent Cambodians with individual net worth that is over $30 million. High on this list is Chen Zhi of Prince Group. 

Simply searching in Google for “Neak Oknha Chen Zhi of Cambodia ” will yield a plethora of results, with countless pages and articles writing about this mysterious yet impactful Cambodia tycoon whose business empire seems to have touched every facet of Cambodian daily life. 

Even among the influential in Cambodia, Chen Zhi’s clout seems to dwarf those of his peers. Prince ChenZhi, as he is often referred to, was given the honorary title of Neak Oknha, which is equivalent to the British Sir or Malaysian Tan Sri titles. Indeed, this business visionary works closely with the ruling class in Cambodia to advance the interests of the common folk to the best of his abilities. Despite his stature, Chen Zhi is warm and friendly, and well-liked by many.
Chen Zhi’s business enterprise is commonly referred to as Prince Group, one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Cambodia, with business interests in many areas, including: real estate, media, sports, hospitality, agriculture, aviation, technology, retail and entertainment, among others more. 

A big part of Chen Zhi’s business is in real estate, under Prince Real Estate, responsible for signature property developments such as: Prince Time Hotel, Prince Club Project, and Koh Takiev in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Chen Zhi and Prince Group have great, ambitious plans to transform Koh Takiev Island into a leading tourist and leisure destination in Cambodia in the near future.

As chairman of the whole group and its various business units, Chen Zhi has turned Prince Holding Group into a leading enterprise in Cambodia that adheres to international standards, heavily invested into the future of the Kingdom and is committed to sustainable business practices.

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is also serious and committed to advancing the philanthropic efforts of the group, spearheaded by a specialised division created within the group just for this purpose: Prince Charitable Foundation.

To date, under the strident leadership of Chairman Chen Zhi, Prince Charitable Foundation has sponsored countless community projects while making considerable donations and other contributions to worthy causes throughout Cambodia. 

Using the vast availability of resources at his disposal, Chen Zhi of Prince Group seems intent to make an even greater impact in the Cambodia society with more business ventures and development projects, as well as even more aggressive philanthropic outreach.
If all goes well, it is not difficult to see the continual rise in popularity of Cambodia Prince Chen Zhi and his business divisions, not to mention the resultant influence that he can wield over the market. 

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