22 Jul

There is a long list of well-known and influential people in Cambodia. The wealthiest people in Cambodia frequently have a net worth of more than $30 million. One of the prominent figures on the list is Cambodia Prince Group Chen Zhi.

Simply Google Chen Zhi Cambodia and you'll find a slew of results, each with a slew of references praising this guy. Many others' business clout in Cambodia pales in comparison to his. Chen Zhi, as Chairman of Prince Group, has been granted the honorary title of Neak Oknha, which is the Cambodian equivalent of the British Sir or Malaysian Tan Sri titles. In Cambodia, as in these other nations, Neak Oknha is well-liked, and he works closely with the monarchy.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian republic. As a businessperson, Chen Zhi wields a great deal of influence at Prince Bank Plc. He takes part in crucial decisions that influence the bank's operations, such as business growth plans and capital increases. Chen Zhi has a diverse range of business interests, including real estate, media, and sports, in addition to his banking experience. Hotel properties, architectural decoration services, land management, and property development are among his real estate holdings.

The Prince Time Hotel, Prince Club Project, and Koh Takiev, all designed by Chen Zhi's company in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, are among Chen Zhi's most prestigious real estate achievements. His company, Prince Real Estate, designed the projects to a high standard with the intention of making them the focal points of Phnom Penh's financial and business district. Chen Zhi also hopes that Koh Takiev Island will become a tourist and leisure destination in Cambodia in the future. Chen Zhi's clout has increased as a result of these developments.

In late 2020, the strong Neak Oknha Chen Zhi announced plans to improve Cambodia's sports growth by assisting youth education and health in order to foster social cohesion among young Cambodians. With his powerful position in Cambodia, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi made a major contribution to the Cambodian men's volleyball team through his business conglomerate, Prince Group.

Chen Zhi has a stake in the media industry. He is a stockholder in internet service providers and marketing firms. His credibility in the digital age will certainly rise as a result of such investments. He's also invested in stock portfolios, gardening, yacht management services, and retail shop chains, among other items. 

Chen Zhi has also devoted his life to teaching Cambodians about Swiss watchmaking. (Read more about Swiss watchmaking - https://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/21/style/international/what-enabled-switzerland-to-dominate-watchmaking.html ) He wants to give his Cambodian countrymen the opportunity to learn and master alternative artisan skills in watchmaking so that they can find work in Cambodia or abroad.

It's no surprise that Chen Zhi is one of Cambodia's most powerful figures, shaping the country's culture and economy. Chen Zhi's role in helping to shape Cambodia's economy to new heights is inspiring.

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