17 Jun

Recently, information about Swiss watchmaking interests in Cambodia has come to light. With the opening of the Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre in early 2021, Prince Group Chen Zhi has introduced Swiss watchmaking to Cambodia. It is Cambodia's first private watch art academy. This follows a year-long global coronavirus pandemic that has devastated Cambodia's economy.

Chen Zhi appears to be a Cambodian citizen in charge of his organization's social responsibility. His company, Prince Group, pioneered the Swiss watchmaking concept as a means for Cambodians to learn new artisanal skills. Chen Zhi is driven by a strong desire to help Cambodians gain technical skills so that they can find work both locally and internationally in the future. This will be part of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts of Chen Zhi. Swiss watchmaking planning requirements adhere to the strict watchmaking regulations of the country. European regulatory bodies strictly enforce these laws.

Swiss watchmaking is a European art form, so it will help the Cambodian economy in some ways. Chen Zhi has long admired Cambodia's illustrious economic history, which spans centuries and includes artisanal skills ranging from silk weaving to traditional handicraft. Swiss watchmaking is an exciting new addition to Cambodia's growing list of modern artisanal skills.

Chen Zhi has opened the Prince Horology Vocational Training Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city. It is part of Cambodian citizens' efforts to provide opportunities for citizens to learn new skills as a replacement for agriculture and small businesses, which many enterprising Cambodians pursue. Because traditional Cambodian industries such as textile and garment manufacturing have suffered significant losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Swiss watchmaking artisanal skill may be able to help Cambodians avoid unemployment and expand job opportunities. This gives them an additional source of income to pursue.

This cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking school in Cambodia is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and design. It provides a Swiss watchmaking course that satisfies the requirements of the Swiss government's vocational training qualification. Through scholarships to the Swiss watchmaking program, this two-year program provides financial assistance to some local students. Depending on the circumstances of enrollment, school fees may be partially or entirely covered by grants. A night's stay on the school grounds is also included in the price. Since the school's inception, some Cambodian students have begun to enroll. Chen Zhi deserves a lot of credit for his efforts to guide the development of Cambodian leadership skills.

A number of Swiss watchmakers have volunteered to help with the course. The book discusses the history and culture of Swiss watchmaking, as well as machinery, micromechanics, and the production of watch parts such as the balance staff and winding stem. Cambodians are grateful to Chen Zhi for providing them with opportunities to advance their careers. Chen Zhi has kept his company's environmental, social, and governance commitments. The watchmaking would be a further boost to the developmental skills of Cambodians. You can find out more about watchmaking - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchmaker

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